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Born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, Niga Sayyed is a visual artist, Printmaker and art educator. She pursued her formal studies in Printmaking at the National College of Arts, Pakistan. After her graduation, she joined Hunerkada School of arts, where she taught printmaking and produced her work. In 2006 she left for the USA for her artist residency at Ox-Bow School of Art Chicago before moving permanently to Dubai, where she lived since 2007. Later she moved to Poland for her Master's and PhD from Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Wroclaw.

Over the years, Niga has exhibited both locally and internationally. Her work is concerned with the thrill of experiencing tensions between essentially opposite approaches to perceptual vs conceptual and memory vs imagination. Emphasizing universal values, her work represents what she feels about life, nature and the comprehension of complex situations of human beings.

Because of her adventurous nature, she is always trying new materials to add force to her art and give a wider scope and meaning. From her deliberations in the pure aesthetic to investigating the representational force of the abstract, Niga allows the interpretation of her work to be almost limitless.

Artist’s Statement

My professional life is a continues narrative of confronting and embracing a series of challenges that have brought me face to face with moments of extraordinary revelations. One of these challenge is to live and study alone with two little kids in a different country far from home and family. This toughest decision of my life has given new perspectives to my work and it was during this early period of displacement that I "found myself". Today my work establishes a proven understanding of sociocultural issues, which underpin a wider appreciation of human legacies, nature and spiritual expression.


I produce works that are related to social issues such as identity, geography and the condition of women. My images are historically negotiated assemblages between humans, materials, and social structures. They are largely abstract and include the process-oriented boldly gestural layers of shapes and forms. They provide discipline and a comforting sense of order to counteract the uncertainty and chaos that exists in our world today. The visual tension in my work symbolizes the wider stresses and strains to do with societal changes and how we live with ourselves, our families and the wider community.

I love the possibility to see and try alternatives, the potential in various techniques and materials. During the last few years along with the traditional printmaking (Etching, Woodcut, Mono-prints, Serigraphy) i have focused to try new techniques like Hydro printing, printing on 3D objects and laser-cutter. Currently I have also experienced a large scale (2 x 2.58 meter) lino-cut print with garden roller.


PhD-Fine Arts and Art Coservation (2018 - 2022)

Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design,

Wroclaw, Poland.

MFA-Printmaking (2016 - 2018 May)

Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design,

Wroclaw, Poland.

Bachelors in Fine Arts (2001- 2004)

National College of Arts Lahore, Pakistan.

major : Printmaking
minors : Photography & Calligraphy.


Ox-Bow School of Arts Chicago, (2006 Sep) U.S.A.


Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan.

Visiting Lecturer and Member of Board of Studies. (2020 October- Present) 

(Subject teaching- Printmaking, Art Criticism, Advance Color Theory and Muslim Architecture)

HUNERKADA College of visual and Performing Arts, Lahore. Pakistan.

Lecturer (2005 Feb-2007 March).

Subjects: Printmaking and Visual Arts theory


Printmaking, Miniature painting, Painting, Sculpture
Photography, Calligraphy, Performance Art, Art theoretical subjects.

Laser Cutter, Hydro Printing, Wood Cut, Lino, Screen Printing, Lithography, Offset Printing, Etching, Dry Point, Sugar Lift, Open Bite, Aquatint, Spit Bite, Collie’graph, Photo Etching.

Seminar & Exhibitions


Solo Exhibitions:

May 2018 / Solo Show at ASP Wroclaw, Poland. 

(Title: Relocation and fear of identity, prepared in Wroclaw.


September 2007 / Solo show in Alhamra Art gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.
(Title: Nostalgia, prepared at Ox-Bow School of Art, U.S.A in 2006, linocut and Collie‘graph Technique.)


December 2004 / Solo Show at National College of Arts Lahore, Pakistan.

(Title: Language of Silence, prepared in Lahore, Pakistan in 2003/2004, Etching and Photoetching technique.)



Group Exhibitions:


January 2022 / Box Print Exhibition “Contradiction”, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland.


November 2021 / Exhibition “Borders” at Omsk Museums of Fine Arts, Russia. 

(ISBN 978-5-6044316-5-8)


March 2020 / performance Exhibition “Wings of Hope” as part of “Chwilówka- II”, at Galleria Sztuki Współczesnej MD_S, Wroclaw, Poland.


February 2020 / Exhibition “Satellite Imagery” at TYPA gallery/ Kastani 48f Tartu, Estonia. 


January 2020 / performance Exhibition “boundaries” as part of “Chwilówka”, at Galleria Sztuki Współczesnej MD_S, Wroclaw, Poland.


July 2019 / Box Print Exhibition “Contradiction”, at University at Buffalo, Department of Art, New York. 


June 2019 / “Zeniths” Exhibition at Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (MWW), Poland.

(prepared in Wroclaw, Poland in 2019, offset technique Print.)


March 2019 / South Asian Contemporary Printmaking exhibition, Chongqing, China.

(Title: Relocation and fear of identity, prepared in Wroclaw in 2017 / 2018, Serigraphy technique and 3d printing and stuff prepared with laser cutter.)


October 2018 / 6th Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial, Japan

(Title: Muted, prepared in Wroclaw in 2017, Photography technique.)


September 2018 / Box Print Exhibition “Contradiction”, Spain.

(Title: Contradiction, prepared in Wroclaw in 2018.)


August 2018 / Box Print Exhibition “Contradiction”, Aknoon Art Gallery, Iran.

(Title: Contradiction, prepared in Wroclaw in 2018.)


May 2018 / Box Print Exhibition “Contradiction”, Wroclaw, Poland. 

(Title: Contradiction, prepared in Wroclaw in 2018, Serigraphy Technique.)


May 2018 / Serigraphy Group Exhibition at ASP Katowice, Poland.

(Title: Who is she, prepared in Wroclaw in 2017, Serigraphy Technique.)


March 2018 / THE ART BOX PROJECT 1.0 New York, USA.

(Title: Distorted Realities, prepared in Wroclaw in 2016/2017, digital prints.)


May 2017 / “Why Poland” Group show in Miejsce Przy Miejscu Wroclaw, Poland.

(Title: Why Poland, Prepared in Wroclaw in 2017, Serigraphy Technique.)


February 2017 / “Conversation” Group show in Macondo Wroclaw, Poland.

(Title: Conversation, prepared in Wroclaw in 2017, Etching Technique.)


April 2008 / Naestved International exhibition of contemporary prints, Denmark.

(Title: mini prints, Prepared in Dubai in 2007, Linocut and Collie‘graph Technique.)

March 2008 / 3rd International engraving Biennial,
Brancovan Palaces cultural center, Mogosoaia, Romania.

November 2007 / Group show in Holland gallery, Michigan, USA.

(Title: Imprints, Prepared in US Michigan in 2007, Linocut and Collie‘graph Technique.)

April 2007 / Young Artist exhibition in Alhamra Arts gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

(Title: Untitled, prepared in Lahore in 2003, Etching Technique.)

October 2005 / Art Aid Exhibition in Convention Center, Islamabad, Pakistan. 

(Title: Imprints, prepared in Lahore Pakistan in 2004, Etching and Phot Etchings Technique.)

May 2003 / Calligraphy in NCA gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

(Title: Untitled, prepared in Lahore in 2003, Etching Technique.)


Dubai, UAE.

Zaporoska 37,

Wrocław, Poland


Tel: +48-694-780569 (Poland)

Tel: +971-55-9184851 (Dubai)

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