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The great philosopher, theologian, and Sufi mystic “Rumi” spends his life finding the true meanings of love, hope and happiness, as he knows this is the only way of knowing himself. And once he knows his true identity only than he can establish a connection with the almighty. He says,

“Either give me more wine or leave me alone”.

On the surface the meaning seems fairly clear. Granted I have had moments like that in my life, wanting nothing but to be left alone to slosh around in my own self-pity, ‘wining’ as it were. But when you contemplate the quote further you realize that infects Rumi is in a state of struggle to find who he is. He addresses the world that, intoxicate me with a fine wine if it helps me reach a level where I can find the reality of myself. But if you can’t than stay out of my way, as I have nothing to do with you (world) and I am already on my way to find the true identity.

The round lines running in circles around a central point portrays the journey around one’s self. Where overall these lines form a thumb impression, which means Identity.


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