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Wings of hope

12:45 sec | UAE | 2019

A fundamental reason behind inequality and prejudice behavior is our tendency to think in stereotypes. Stereotyping people leads to false assumptions about any group or person based on their preconceived ideas and creates a barrier to marginalize those people. This behavior leads to inequality and discrimination in society. I believe we need to break these invisible barriers, which are creating boundaries around us. This inequality and prejudiced behavior is not only in masses in communities, but we can also observe this in many countries’ diplomatic relations and policies at the political level. Colonialism is the best example to understand this dilemma as it shaped the prejudiced behavior and inequality of economic situations between countries.


In order to extend the boundaries and highlight this issue, I chose to perform because I believe that art which incorporates the live element reflects the modern conditions better than the static art. I attempted to diminish the discriminatory behaviors of different governments through the use of colorful butterflies as ambassadors of freedom.

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