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No Boundaries

8:48 sec | UAE | 2019

My performance operates in the gap between art and life connecting the audience to both. It is a living shape shifting hard to define an entity that is there to make sense of our direction in this ever-changing world and to include us into art’s frame.


This performance is an attempt to confront the boundaries and restrictions around human beings not in the   

territorial but in the social context. It’s a demonstration against thick social borders and a movement to demand a utopian world, where people live freely without having any fear of inequality on the basis of race and ethnicity.


The static square made by caution tapes represents racial and cultural bias. Its four corners gives a sense of direction and symbolize the four directions of north, east, south and west. The circle of soil stands for earth, and as a natural organic material it signifies fertility and depicts sustainability and power of growth.

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