"Either give me more wine, or leave me alone..."

Who is she?

All through her life, she is referred as someone’s sister, daughter, wife or mother.


One cannot quantify the feelings. Whether you hate or love, feel angry or sad, you're surprise or wondering. We all live with all these feelings or sometimes amalgam of some unknown fears...

A journey to find my soul.

A series of prints inspired by Narcissism theory.



Accepting that the world is full of uncertainty and ambiguity does not and should not stop people from being pretty sure about a lot of things.


Distorted realities

one of the hardest things to do in life,is letting go of what you thought was real



Niga Sayyed.

Zaporoska 37,

Wrocław, Poland


Dubai, UAE.


Tel: +48-694-780569 (Poland)

Tel: +971-55-9184851 (Dubai)

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