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Acrylic | 60x90cm | 2020

An attempt to convey the message by using simple shapes and forms, I have used hexagons as a primary form to depict unity. Due to the natural resemblance of hexagons with the beehives, I am drawing a parallel between the strength of beehives when they live together and our societies where humans live and work together. The beehives symbolize the organized society, where everyone knows their duties and beside the ongoing environmental struggle they work closely to preserve their existence. 


Hexagon is a stable geometrical structure that can bear equal weight.  It’s evenness gives us the freedom to repeat the shape to create regular or irregular patterns. The straight black and yellow broken lines in the following artwork manifests that breaking our unity as a society makes us weaker and breaks us apart. The use of colors are restricted to 2 colors, yellow and black which represent caution.


In its portrait of balance and unity, this art piece suggests the outlines of human ethos for the twenty first century.

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