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Engraving on acrylic | 55x90cm | 2020

“Azadi” (Freedom) represents the concept of colonialism and neocolonialism that how developed and influential countries try to take advantage of under developed countries. The artwork highlights the issue through two yellow squares, which are joined to show their connection with each other. On one side, I claim freedom by creating a ripple pattern with the Urdu word “Azadi” (which means “Freedom”), and on the other side, I symbolize it through birds. They are confined in a territory, looking for freedom beyond the boundary. 


The art piece is prepared in acrylic and it consists of three layers: The text pattern of the word “Azadi” is embossed by laser cutter on a transparent sheet. The joined yellow pieces are placed on top of the transparent sheet a second layer, covering the text as a boundary and giving base to the birds. Finally a collection of black birds are composed on top of the yellow box as a third layer.

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