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Be Nothing Like

Engraving on Acrylic | 60x60cm | 2019

Prepared in plexiglass this piece consists of two layers. The bottom layer is transparent with an engraved circular typographic pattern right in the middle. The pattern is achieved by engraving the Urdu word “Farq” (which means “difference”) through the laser cutter. Eight yellow circles are carefully placed on top of the transparent sheet as a second layer creating a three dimensional relief effect. Though the form of the circular engraved pattern compliments the shape of the yellow circles, they stand on their own as a different entity. 


This piece depicts that having a distinct identity is normal and it has its own individual presence which might or might not go with its surroundings. All the elements claim acceptance. Due to the 3 dimensional nature of this archetype it is proposed to be used in the public space so that people can interact with them.

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